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Classic Home Design and Staging (CLASSIC)  has vacant homes in prime Orange County, San Diego County, and Los Angeles County areas and is seeking qualified home managers to manage the home while the home is actively being marketed for sale.

Are you looking for temporary housing?

Live in a multi-million dollar home for less than half of the market rate. Must have stylish furnishings and maintain the home in a show-to-sell condition at all times. Thorough background and credit checks will be performed. So if you want to live on the beach, in a neighborhood of mansions, or property with acreage please reply. 

For additional information on becoming a CLASSIC Home Manager please see below and contact CLASSIC.

What is a CLASSIC Home Manager?

Home Managers are not realtors and do not sell properties.  A qualified and approved CLASSIC Home Manager is a subcontractor to CLASSIC who provides quality furniture and who manages and occupies a vacant home that is for sale.  A Home Manager maintains the home in show-to-sell condition at all times. In exchange for keeping the home clean and neat and letting Realtors show the home during set hours, Home Managers get dramatically reduced monthly fees, far below the market rate.  Home Managers are typically individuals and families relocating to a new area, perhaps building a home and need alternate lodging, perhaps lost their home due to foreclosure, perhaps have undergone a divorce, perhaps want to downsize their debt exposure, or just perhaps is someone who has the quality furnishings to stage a home that would normally be outside of their means.

Does a Home Manager decorate the home?

No.  CLASSIC will provide a professional team of designers to assist you in staging the home with your furnishings.   Staging the home involves arranging the furnishings to obtain the best show-to-sell condition.

What kind of companies does CLASSIC provide home managing services to?

Companies seeking CLASSIC’s services are Banks, Realtors, and Home Owners who are attempting to sell their vacant homes. Having a Home Manager gives the seller and agent the flexibility of having a home staged for sale and taken care of without having to worry about a tenant, or landlord tenant laws.

Why are fees so far below market rate?

CLASSIC Home Managers provide a service by keeping the home in a show-to-sell condition at all times and by allowing Realtors to show the home.   Higher end homes are difficult to sell and having someone live in and stage a vacant home makes a huge difference in reaching a sale of the home. In exchange for the services a Home Manager provides, a significantly reduced monthly fee is negotiated.  Home Managers are staging the home. Studies show that staging these homes makes for better sales. Paying a lower fee is in exchange for providing quality furnishings, keeping the house in show-to-sell condition, and allowing Realtors to show the home. The alternative for Realtors, Banks and Home Sellers is an vacant empty home that is not being maintained and will likely result in a lower priced sale.

Are Home Managers actually just renters?

No, Home Managers are independent subcontractors to CLASSIC and provide services under a detailed contract scope which waives all renter’s rights on the property. This is made clear contractually to all parties. This offers all parties the flexibility and understanding of what the contractual obligations are between the parties.

Does the Home Manager sign a lease?

The simple answer is no.  Under the agreement between the Home Manager and CLASSIC the Home Manager may terminate the agreement at any time providing the Home Manager submits to CLASSIC 30 days prior to termination written notice to do so. Because the home is for sale and will go to closing, it is not possible to lease or rent the home out.  There is no guarantee how long the Home Manager will be able to stay in the home. A Home Manager is not a renter.  Home Managers are models and maintain the home until it sells. Contractually Home Manager has no rights to the home, and will adhere to the Home Manager’s agreement with CLASSIC.   The primary benefit to the Home Manager is staying in a home for significantly less than market value.

What happens when the home sells or the Agreement is terminated?

The agreement between the Home Manager and Classic clearly outlines what happens.  The goal of the Home Manager is to maintain the home in a show-to-sell condition to increase the chance of the home being sold.  If the house sells, or if the home owner terminates CLASSIC’s agreement, CLASSIC will attempt to place the Home Manager in another home providing the Home Manager is in good standing with CLASSIC.

How to qualify to become a Home Manager?

You must have or be willing to purchase enough furniture, artwork and accessories to furnish one of CLASSIC’s homes. Your furniture must be the style and quality appropriate to the home.   Home Manager candidates shall have credit and background checks performed by CLASSIC.  

Can a Home Manager have children?

Home Managers come from all walks of life.  Homes Managers are single individuals, married couples, and families with children.

Does CLASSIC allow pets?


Does CLASSIC allow smoking?


How do I become a CLASSIC Home Manager?

Fill out the CLASSIC contact form and submit your information.  The contact form can be found by clicking "Contact Us" on the upper left of this page.  Be sure to reference you are interested in becoming a CLASSIC Home Manager.